• Exact Solution For Tourism And Travel Organisation...

    TSN Travel that is active in the travel industry of which personnel has excessing 10 years' experience aims to serve the top quality, the most modern and the fastest service to our customers in our centre in Suadiye.  TSN Travel is achieved to step forward with customer oriented working principal and paying attention to results and standards.

    We give a new impulse to the sector in various areas such as airline ticket sale, domestic and foreign hotel reservations, car rental, domestic and foreign transfer services, congress, seminar meetings and every kind of organization with a dynamic team who believe the travel concept should be moved further.

    The Perfect Balance Of Trust, Service And Quality: TSN Travel

     As being have a Group "A" Travel Agency Certificate our aim is to serve as the consultants of our customers. Providing the top quality service in the best conditions to our customers by following the changes and innovations on behalf of them in our age which the time and the technology are especially important.

    Our target as being a customer oriented company; to develop a flexible structure according to customer demands on the area of travel. As a result of this our company has the opportunity to exhibit a more challenging and powerful structure.

    Expectations Of Our Customer Are On The Top...

    Demands and expectations of our customers are the first priority issue for us. We share our knowledge and experience with them and we aim to serve the most appropriate, the most rational and the most efficient solution professionally.

    TSN Travel means the most professional solution and the top quality service tourism and fair organisation. 





  • We Care About Your Corporate More Than You...

    TSN Travel: provide alternative solutions with attractive price and high service quality to your company's working standards for both domestic and foreign organizations with its quality and experienced personnel.

    A good organization; requires planning, foreseeing the problems and solve skills. For this purpose it is our mission to prepare and present at better prices and the conditions for you. We will continue to make the unbelievable believable and to create difference for you. Our targets is showing the best performance on our field of activity and raise the quality bar to the top.

    Our Congress, Seminar and Dealer department combines the creative approach for the determination of the place, hotel and the program and the experience with your needs and provides to shape your organisation and work perfectly.

    Provided Services:

    - Accommodation in conference and congress hotels

    - Transportation by plane and/or bus

    - Transfer and shuttle service

    - Every kind of catering services: cocktail, "welcome" meal, gala meal, entertainment programs, coffee breaks.

    - Providing artist for premiere night and organizations.

    - Support services such as assistant, secretary, translator, hostess.

    - Activities for free time: excursion, various tournaments, competitions, games.

    - Professional photography and video shoot.

    - All required technical equipment for meetings and seminars.

    - Preparation of the conference material.

    Professionalism Is Our Identity...

    Preparing on behalf of the participants and visitor companies to international fair organisations, planning business trips and corporate travels is became a business that will be performed by experts.

    The main idea of the fair organizations; is transforming the creative business ideas to "business". Because of that reason TSN Travel plans your business trips professionally with an expert personnel team.  To provide charming price and high quality service for every kind corporate travel requirement of big, middle and small sized enterprises.

    Provided Services:

    - Plane tickets

    - Hotel and/or studio flat accommodation

    - Visa procedures

    - Travel insurances

    - Airport-Hotel and/or studio flat-airport transfers

    - Providing fair tickets

    - Guiding services

    - Local trips

    - Car rental services

    TSN Travel organisation provides you to realize your uniqueness and to make realized. We are different, are you ready to be well ahead?



  • The Secret Of Our Success; Is Hidden At Customized Private Service And Trust...

    Nowadays the meaning of quality service is hidden at the individualisation of the service provided for everybody... 10 years before that we had discovered this secret, the individual service quality has increased day by day. Any demand of you is not impossible or hard. We are going on to create to most comfortable, economic and the fastest solutions that would be possible by thinking on behalf of you.

    By virtue of the experiences that we owned, we are working as your private travel consultant for your each travel by thinking the details that you cannot remember. For example; when you applied for a fair that you wanted to attend, the distance between the fair area and the hotel that you are going to accommodate, transfer to the airport or places that you are able to visit instead of the fair etc... Or If you are planning an organisation for your customers there is no need to tire your assistant! Let him or her to care about your programs. Let us prepare and present different locations and activities to you and then Just choose one of them...

    For your travels, just call us and let our expert team to arrange your plane ticket, accommodation, visa procedures, transfers and other things that you cannot remember. It is possible for us to access to any part of the world with any price you demand comfortably.

    We know that every person in the world is "unique" and every kind of demand just improves us because of our flexible structure and empathic approach.


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